Saturday, June 30, 2012

I am in LOVE!!!

I am in love with my new boots I got for 80% off today at Payless.  I am a bit of a boot collector.. okay, hoarder... I love my boots, and wear them pretty much all winter.  I have several styles and colors.  One color that I did not have was gray.  I really love knee boots, so I was excited when I saw this pair of gray knee boots on sale for $20.  The price tag said $49.99, so even at $20 it would have been a great price.  Payless is currently having their BOGO sale this week, and instead of $20, my boots rang up only $10!

We got great deals on our other shoes as well.  I was with my teenage daughter who needed a new pair of tennis shoes.  She picked out the cute turquoise Airwalks.  They were originally $22.99, on sale for  $10, but rang up only $5!   The American Eagle shoes on the left were there only pair that were regular price. They were $24.99, but she really liked them.  They also fit me, so I can wear them too.  The blue flats with the flowers on the right are mine.  They were originally $26.99, on sale for $15.   All 4 pairs of shoes were only $54.99 plus tax.   Regular price they would have been $124.96 plus tax.  We had a $70 savings, and got adorable shoes in the process.

Another fantastic deal I found today was this ceramic jug vase from JoAnns.  The original price was $29.99. It was on clearance for $8.97, but they are currently have a 50% off the clearance price sale.  I got this jug vase for only $4.48!  We bought some pretty pink wildflowers for 60%  ($2.39) a bush to put in the vase for Kara's party.

We found some super cute goodies for 60% in the summer essential section to use for our Woodland party.

Kara doesn't know I bought this yet. I am going to surprise her with it for her birthday on Monday.  It was not on sale since it is part of their new fall line, so I used my 40% coupon.  These little cutie was only $7.79 after the coupon, and I know she is going to love him.

Now to get started with all my planning/prepping.. I have several projects to finish in time for the party in 3 weeks!

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