Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dare to Share #10 Features

We have had a busy weekend with the last few days on Kristina's online classes.  Only 3 more days.  She just has to take 2 finals, do one project and write two final papers. One of the papers is a research paper on Gandhi,  and the other is how she would write chapter 4 of Fahrenheit 451. After she was completely done with the book, we decided to watch the movie.  Let's just say, that the movie was um.. interesting.  Not at all like the book.

Since we are now done for the day, it's time for the features from Dare to Share #10

I loved these watermelon pops from Phaedra's Adventures.  How cute are the "chocolate" watermelon seeds inside the pops.  My kids really want me to try these at our house.

Need a last minute homemade Father's Day idea.  I really like these photo coasters from Meremade.   It's a great idea to use your favorite photos and turn them in a gift for your dad or grandpa.

How about a yummy homemade chocolate graham cracker recipe from Heather's French Press.  These would be so good with almost any sweet treat.  She likes to eat them with peanut butter which sound very good to me right now.

Kara the craft diva's pick of the week is Sewing Miles of Smiles and the Jake doll she made for her granddaughter.  For some unknown reason, my kids love Adventure Time.  Me, not so much.  LOL!  As soon as she saw this doll she said she had to have one.

Thank you to everyone who posted on Dare to Share.   I love all the great recipes and projects, I really wish I could chose them all.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my photo coasters! Love your blog! I'm off to grab a button! Meremade


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