Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Day

Today we had a family day.    My dad has a birthday a few days before Fathers Day, and my husband's birthday is today.    He celebrated with extended family over the weekend, but since today is the actual day we had a family lunch. I had some really great coupons, and had free meals to Fridays. Olgas, and Bob Evans. I also had a free appetizer coupon to Chilis.  Since we had not been to Chilis in awhile, we decided to go there.  I had my cell phone on me, but forgot to take any pictures during our meal.. OOOPS! He didnt want anything fancy, and  is not a fan of sugary cupcakes.. GASP!  That explains this random picture of the giant cranes who walk around my neighborhood that I took his evening instead of a family picture.

 I also took this random picture of our hamster Sonic in hamster jail.  While at the pet store, Kara bought this mini travel cage for him for 75% off.  She brought him down, so he could watch T.V.  She was also thrilled that she was able to hold a hedgehog at the pet store.  Even though Sonic looks like he is trying to escape, he really did seem to like it.

 Tomorrow we have two doctors appointments and a recital banquet.  This will be Kara's 8th recital.  It would have been my oldest daughter's 11th if she had stuck with it. She decided to stop dancing lessons a couple of years ago.  I think I this means I will need to come up with some recital ideas this week.

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