Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Target Clearance Finds

I had to go to Target today.  We were on our last few rolls of toilet paper, and I wanted to take a look at the printers.  Our printer has not been working right lately, and I need one for all of my online coupons. There is one that I am considering if there is not an easy fix, but since I am unsure I  decided to wait .   I then went to the shoe section,  because my  son has been complaining about his shoes feeling too tight lately.  The rate this kid has been growing has been unreal.  Currently he is not quite in boys sizes, but also not quite in mens sizes.  He is moving up to a size 7 mens' shoe.   I really don't want to pay full price on his shoes, especially if he can only fit into them for a few months.

I was excited about my find in the boot aisle.  I found Champion Mens size 7 boots for 70% off.  Regular price was $44.99,  I got them for only $13.48. WOOHOO!  Now if only we have some snow that sticks around  for him to wear them in.

The other 3 purchases were for me!  =)  <-----  me smiling  

I LOVE my Target brand suede boots. I have worn them for 3 years and they literally have holes in them.  They are the most comfortable pair of boots I own.  I was thrilled to find a pair of brown suede boots for 70% off.  Regularly $32.99,  I got them for only $9.88.  Since my feet are not growing like my sons, I will be able to wear them for awhile.

I also found a pair of black suede flats.  Normally $19.99, they are on clearnce for only $5.98.  They too are very comfortable, and have a nice fleece lining.

I looked at women's jeans because some of my current pairs are a big snug.  Hopefully that wont be the case for long, but until then  I would like a pair that are comfy.  I found a pair of Mossimo regularly $27.99, marked down to $13.98.  I also had a 15% of womens denim Target coupon, which took off $2.10 more.  Final price for my jeans $11.88.  There were enough that they might be marked down to 70% off shortly, but there was only one in this particular style.  I might check again later in the week to see if they get marked down to $8.46.

I decided to go with Charmin Mega Rolls today because I had both a Target $1 coupon and a $1 manufacturer coupon that I got in my Charmin Sensitive packs awhile back.   Reg $12.99, I got the equivalent to 48 rolls for $10.99.   While I had to buy when I NEEDED it and not when it was on sale, I might not have gotten the best deal, but it was still a good deal.

I saved $82.64 in clearance prices, and an additional $3 in coupons.  A pretty good day!

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