Saturday, January 14, 2012

En Guarde!!

Last night my daughters girl scout troop went on a fun field trip.  A fencing school in our area offers free clinics to groups and individuals so that they could learn the sport. 

They first learned the proper movements

Then they were given a foil to get a feel of holding the sword.  Kara is giving me a pirate face in this picture. Silly kid!

After some practice on the target, it was time to suit up 

practicing with her friend

                          practicing with a teen girl who competes  and helps with childrens classes

She had a lot of fun and is now asking to take fencing lessons.  We have a lot of activities going on now, but maybe in the summer.   If your kids would like to learn more about fencing  or other less common sports, see if there are free clinics in your area.  You never know,  your child might find something they love that they would not have known about if it wasn't for a free clinic. 

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