Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Home Stretch

Just a few more days until the end of the online semester.  We can see the finish line!  Yea!  This weekend contained a unit project, 2 final  exams (one of which  could not finished because the computer crashed in the middle of it), a powerpoint and 2 biology assigments on genes.  She has officially passed all three classes and just has a few more assigments to finish up. Hopefully she will be able allowed  to finish her History exam. We are still waiting to hear back.  Just a few more days, and my schedule will be back to normal.   This weekend we will not only be celebrating the end of the semester,  but my daughters 15th birthday. Where did the time go?  How can she be that old?  She is at the age where she is not into themes anymore, but will still love a cake or cupcakes.  I have some party planning to do!

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