Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chinese New Year

In a few days, we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year.  The chinese calendar is based a lunar calendar, and the actual day will change from year to year.  Many years it will  be in early February, but this year it is on the early side on January 23.  This will be the year 4710, and the Year of the Dragon.  Each year will be named from one of the 12 zodiac animals,  all with different traits.  In addition to zodiac animal, each year will also have an element of either water, wood, fire, earth or metal.   This year the dragon is the water dragon.  The last time it was the year of the water dragon was 1953.    Dragons are free spirits, who feel rules are for other people. They are confindent, extroverted and enthusiastic. 

Lanterns are important to the New Year celebration.  To see how to make these, you can find the direction on

Make a dragon puppet from paper plates and basic craft supplies from shows how to make your own fortune cookies out of cupcake liners.  

If your children are fans of Kai-Lan, be sure to go to for 9 wonderful New Year foods, such as Kai-Lan's lantern cookies or Butterscotch Noodle Treats. 

Sweet Fortune cookie recipe from Don't they look delicious? 

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  1. fun fun fun!! I remember making those lanterns! now my kids ae making them!


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