Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My February Totals

I just figured out my total for February, and I have to say it was overall a  pretty good month for savings.

My grocery totals were UNDER budget..  I think it does help that February was a short month though. 
I spent a total of $271.06 after coupons and sales for $640.98 in groceries.   Our  food total is  actually about $300 with my Target food added in, but Target is represented in the "other" part of my budget.     I used $184.79 in grocery coupons,  saved $185.13 in sales prices for a total savings of $369.92.   I saved 58% this month! 

To make things even sweeter, I got 40 totally FREE items!

In the "other" part of the budget,  I have Target, Rite Aid, Walreens, CVS, resturants etc..
Because of incrediable sales only $185 was spent on that part of the budget (mostly at Target.. LOL!)
I saved $161.08 in coupons.  

$184.70 in grocery coupons + $161.08 in other coupons= $345.87 in total coupon savings  for the month!

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