Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tip of the Day

Today's tip is how to calm the chaos during present time at children's parties.    I have a few tried and true things that work after having many parties over the years.     When it comes to present time most children want the birthday child to open their present  NOW.  They also like to swarm the birthday child to see each present up close.    To keep the tears and hurt feelings to a minimum,  I place all the kids names in a cup.   I have the birthday child sit in a chair and then all the other children on the floor.     Looking up at the birthday child  makes it  much easier to see  each gift,  so they do not have to crowd together.      We then draw names one at a time.  When it your name that is drawn,  that child brings their gift to the birthday child and sits next to them in the chair.   They feel special along with the birthday child.   I also at this time  take a photo of the two children together with the gift.  This saves me the time of writing everything down and possibly losing the list.  I can refer back to the picture and see who gave what gift.   Since we started doing this many years ago, present time has gone so much smoother.  It also help the guests to know they will each have special time with the birthday child so there is more patience about waiting their turn.    

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