Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tip of the Day

Today's tip is really a matter of preference, but I find it to be a time saver during busy, hectic birthday parties.   I have made themed cakes and cupcakes for every single one of my kids parties.   I love picking a theme and saving money by  making their cakes myself.   They are not always perfect, but no one minds, they always taste good..  In the last few years I switched from making a big cake to making and serving cupcakes.  There are several reasons why I switched to cupcakes. 

1. They are so much quicker to serve when you have many hungry kids who want sugar NOW.  Its hard being patient for someone to cut the cake and then not get the piece you would really like..

2. Cupcakes are portion control.  All of the children have about the same size portion (unless they eat 2 or 3!) 

3.  Instead of blowing all over the entire cake, the birthday child can blow out candles on one cupcake or just a few.  (depending on how many candles you need to use) 

4. Because cupcakes are so popular now, there are so many cute and easy options out there.. 

Two of my favorite cupcake books are

Hello Cupcake

What's New Cupcake

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