Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tip of the Day

I came up with today's tip of the day, when I read a friend's status on Facebook.   She asked if she was the only one who made a list for the store only to forget the list at home.  She mentioned that this happened to her quite frequently.  There were comments made by several others who forget their list too, so I know this is a common problem.    Being the big couponer I am, I never forget mine because I put it directly in my coupon box.   Since most people do not shop that way, that is not always realistic.   I have a really good way not to forget your list at home.  When you are done writing your list, immediately  take a picture of it on your cell phone.    If  at the store you realize you do not have the paper list,  you will  have your phone list for back up.    If you forgot to take a picture of your list yourself, you can always call home and ask someone to take and upload the photo for you.   Now if no one is home or you forget your cell phone, then  you are just out of luck..  LOL!!

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