Saturday, March 12, 2011

I thought this picture was appropriate for my blog today.   This has been a very busy, long week.  I am sooo ready for the weekend and a few days to rest.   I also thought it was the perfect picture for what we are going to do today.  My daughter and I have not been to the Humane Society for a few months because of our schedule, and we want to visit some kittens today.   Playing with tiny furry babies really does do  a lot to help you relax.    There are so many things I hope to do today.  I dont know how much I will actually relax,  but  at least I am doing things I look foward  to doing.     I have a craft project in mind,  a recipe in mind,  I hope to get to Rite Aid to use Up rewards,  I hope to catch up on cleaning and laudry that has fallen behind..   

I am also still glued to the news..  Luckily my husband has a new flight scheduled and will be able to fly out tomorrow.  There is just so much devestation and so much need.  Since this hit so close to home,  I am really been watching the story.    Please continue to pray.  Many people are missing, many people lost everything.   When we witness things like this it really does put things in perspective. 

Whatever you do plan to do today,  I hope you have a  happy Saturday. 

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