Friday, March 25, 2011

Fridays $10 gift card deal

I took my daughter to Fridays tonight, because I had the Buy 1 Get 1 entree  with purchase of 2 beverages coupon.  Once we got there though, I was told of another promotion that is currently going on to promote their new menu.  If you bought one of the new to the menu items, they would give you a $10 Fridays value card.   The only catch  with the value card was you could not use the  Buy 1 Get 1coupon with the promotion.  I decided  I would chose which promo to do  depending on what I wanted to order.   What really caught my eye was the Tropical Splash Chicken salad which was on the gift card menu.   It was only $9.99, so getting back $10 essential makes it free, though I have to use the $10 on my next order.  I was also happily surprised when I got the check to be given the $8 appetizer survey which will give me a FREE appetizer when I complete the survey.   The survey coupon is good until 4/24/11 plus it gives me an entry in their sweepstakes.   The $10 gift card is good until 5/15/11.   I also earned Stripe points toward another coupon when I reach 100 points.    We love to eat at Fridays because not only do they have good food, they have GREAT promotions.

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