Thursday, March 31, 2011

April is Autism Awareness Month..

I am going to talk about something near and dear to my heart for a moment.  I want to help get the word out that April is Autism Awareness month.  The reason why it is so near and dear to me  is my almost 12 yr old son has a form of Autism.  He has Aspergers, so he is high functioning, but life has not been without it's many challenges.  One of my closest friends of  23  years  also  has an almost 12 yr old son with Autism.   Two good friends that I have made in the last few years  have children on the spectrum as well.    Autism has become so prevalent that the most recent statistics say that it effects 1 in 110 children.  It occurs much more often in boys than girls .  Almost all of the children I personally  know who are on the spectrum are boys.     There is no known cure for Autism..  Early Intervention  is the best, but not all families can afford therapy and most insurances do not cover it.  Autism is an epidemic and there is just so much that we still need to learn about it. In the month of April remember that if you don't personally have someone on the spectrum in your family with Autism, it does affect someone you know,  a neighbor, a  friend, a coworker.
To find out more about Autism you can read about it  here.

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