Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teddy Bear Pop Update

Yesterday I posted a link to Marshmellow Teddy Bear Pops from  on my original blog.

    Today Kara had a friend over and we decided to try and make them.   It was a fun activity and age appropriate for 9 yr old girls. 

You need 2 large marshmellows and 7 small to make a teddy pop.    The body is made by pushing the lollipop stick through the marshmellow the long way, and then placing the head marshmellow on its side on top. 

The glue to attach the mini marshmellow body parts is from white chips melted in the microwave.    When melting just a small amount of chips, you should not heat more than 30 seconds.  Make sure to stir the chocolate until smooth after you heat it. 

To attach the ears, did the sides of 2 of the mini marshmellows in the chocolate glue.  Hold them in place for about 10 seconds. 

I attached the arms, legs and nose but dipping in the ends of the marshmellows in the chocolate glue and holding each one in place. 

I did not have a edible food marker or the hearts dollhouse had for her bears, but I did have black cookie gel.   I just make small dots for the eyes and nose.

To make the hearts, we heated Starbursts in the microwave for 10 seconds.  They will be soft enough to flatten when your hands.   I did not find a mini heart in my cookie cutters so I just used a small paring knife. (the girls did not do this part)  I attached the hearts with some more chocolate glue. 

We will make these again when we have all of the supplies like the candy hearts and markers.   For now though, we are very happy with how they turned out.  In this picture Kara shows how they can even be used in a teddy bear puppet show. 

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  1. I am so glad you and your daughter enjoyed my tutorial! They turned out fantastic!! I will definitely feature your photo with a link to your blog below my tutorial, thanks so much for sharing!


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