Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Target Deals

Okay, I admit it,  being so busy in the last week  I didnt get much for my kids for Valentine's Day.   Since my kids have so much, I didnt think they would notice.  My oldest thinks Valentines Day is a wannabe holiday.  My son doesnt really care one way or the other.   My youngest who got a huge bag of goodies from her class is the one said to me last night, "did get us anything for Valentines Day?"    Busted!  I told her that I had something in mind, I just had to go pick it up.     She was okay with that.    This morning,  I knew I better get over to Target to check out their clearance before the good stuff was gone.    Everything in the top picture was 50% off.    

I bought my youngest 2 Valentine Little Pet Shop toys.  One I will give her now, and I will put the other away for another day.   They are normally  $6.48, I got them for $3.24 each.  

My son will get a Bakugan that is normally $7.44. I paid $3.72.   This was in regular toys,  most of the Bakugan items are on clearance.

I bought my oldest a cute stuffed cat that says You are purrfect since she loves animals..  It was $4.99, now only $2.49.

I picked up a Russell Stover chocolate heart for only $2.49

I also had two rolls of Valentine wrap 50% off  that I forgot to put in the picture at .99 each. 

The dust pan and cleaning cloths were 50% off in the dollar spot  at .50 each. 
 I had some Target coupons that were going to expire so I picked up a few deals we could use. 

Tonys single size pizza on price cut for $1 each.  I had a .50 coupon, final price .75 each.   (the way the coupon was worded I was not sure if it was off 1 or 2, so I used it on 2 just in case)

Eggo waffles $2.19.  Not necessarily a deal, but the only thing my son eats for breakfast and we ran out this morning.

2 Easy Mac cups on  price cut for $2.79 each.   I had a $1.50 target coupon that for some reason rang up as $4.08 off..  Hmmmm..   the receipt says final price was $1.50 for both, with a refund value of .75 each.   First time I have seen the coupon and total be switched and in my favor too.. 

2 Kraft Shredded cheese, reg price of $2.04 each.  I had a $1.25 off 2 Target coupon and $1 off 2 man coupon.   $1.83 for 2 or .92 each. 

I also used a .75 off 1 shred cheese making the third one $1.29. 

2 lunchables on price cut $1.25 each.  I used a $1 off 2 coupon that expired today. Final price .75 each. 

Grocery total  out of pocket  $9.81.  I saved $15.58 in coupons. 

My entire purchase today was only 24.95, I saved $32.95 a 57% savings. 

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