Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Saturday Deals

Today I decided to go out and take advantage of a few last minute deals this week.   Yesterday there was a link on the savings blogs for Staples in store coupons that were only good 2/4-2/5.  I saw that you could pick up 2 12 packs of Staples brand stickie notes absolutely FREE.   I always need these so I thought I run to Staples in the snow as worth it.  I also saw there were some great deals at Rite Aid when you matched sale prices with their in store video rewards.  Rite Aid was on the way to Staple so we made a stop there too.  Our last stop was to Kroger to pick up a movie that I had a groupon code for.  About a month ago there was a groupon where you could get 3 Redbox movies for only $1. 
My first stop was Rite Aid.   

Clariol Perfect 10 is reg price $11.99.  It was on clearance for $2.99!  I had two $2 coupons, making them only .99 each.

Jif Peanut Butter is reg price $3.29.  It was on sale for $1.99 each.  I had a $1 off 2 Rite Aid Video Values, a Rite Aid bonus coupon and I got back two $1 UP rewards.  Final price FREE

Edy's ice cream, reg price $5.29 on sale for only $2.99.  I got back two $2 UP rewards, final price .99 each. 

Amo Complete Contact Solution, reg price $10.99, on sale for $7.99.  There is a $7.99 single check rebate, final price FREE.

The Vasline Infusion, reg price, $7.99.  the sticker said .75 but rang up $1.87. (I did not see this until later, but also was okay because of the next purchase)

3 Pokemon pencils, reg price $1.99 each, on clearance.  Sticker price was .90 each, rang up .49 each. 

In addition to the two Clariol Coupons and the Jif Coupons,  I had a bonus $4 off $20 coupon for watching the Rite Aid  beauty videos online.   I earned $4 just by spending 10 minutes watching ads.     All together I had $10 in coupons.

I spent $18.27 out of pocket, got back $6 in UP rewards, and will be getting back a check for $7.99.   Final price for items worth $48.49 full price, only $4.26!  Over 90% off!
My next stop was Staples.   The Staples Sticky Notes were reg price $10.99 each.  I had in store coupon making both of them totally FREE.

The Bic pens were $4.99, on sale for $3.  I had a $2 in store coupon making them $1.   They are pink which will be fun for Valentines or just because. 

2 Avery binders were $4.99 each.  I had a 50% off coupon, making them only $2.49 each.  It is rare to find the quality binders at that price except at back to school time so stock up when you find the deal. 

Full price I woud have spent $36.95 plus tax. ($39.17)  Today I spent only $6.34.   I saved $29.98 with those 3 Staples coupons.  A savings of 84%

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