Friday, February 25, 2011

My Pantry and Freezer Challenge

** This is not my pantry.  I only wished mine was that big or that organized.. 


I have been reading a lot lately about people trying to do a pantry/freezer challenge.   Basically what that is when  you try and use mainly food from your pantry and freezer for an entire month.   With my freezers full, and my pantry and extra shelf stuffed full of food,  I think the month of March might be the right time for me to try the challenge.    I know I have food in the back of the pantry and freezer that I forgot that I had in there.  This weekend I am going to take inventory to see what goodies I have to use to make a meal plan.    With our busy schedule, I am not going to be unrealistic and do this every single day.     I  do  plan, though,  on trying to make 3-4 recipes/meals per week.  There are days when we just have a frozen pizza or go through the drive thru.    I already have some recipes in mind that I am going to use during the challenge.   I will see be shopping for perishables,  lunchbox items and exceptional deals, but my plan is to cut way back on the amount I spend on food in the month of March.    Anyone else up for the challenge?  

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