Monday, November 21, 2022

Countdown to Thanksgiving - Easy Turkey Votive and Air Fryer Potato Skins


This sweet guy is quick and easy to make, and looks cute just about anywhere you sit him. 

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To make him you will need the following items which can all be found at the Dollar Tree .

round glass bowl 

ping pong ball 


google eyes 

felt scraps 

I used orange paint when painting the bowl and ping pong ball  instead of brown, so the light could show through the glass votive easier. 

Once the paint was dry, I hot glued the ping pong ball to the front of the glass bowl, and feathers in the shape of a turkey tale to the back.  Then then added the eyes and felt to the ping pong ball to make the turkey's face.  

In the bowl I used a battery tea light. I am not sure how an actual candle would do with the acrylic paint.  

My turkey greeted our guests on the bathroom counter near a fall flower bouquet. 

To make this easy appetizer or side dish,  you will need some potatoes, cheese, bacon, and any other fixings you like to add. 

While this is not the exact air fryer I have, this Kalorik 3.5 qt it is  the same brand and size. It has good ratings and as they time of this post is on sale.  

To make my potato skins I started with six potatoes that will make 12 potato skins.  I bake mine in the microwave, but you can bake them anyway you prefer. 

I sliced the potatoes the long way and scoop out some of the potato filling and place it in a large bowl. 

I split the potatoes into two batches, since they wouldn't all fit in my air fryer. I baked them for 3-4 minutes at 390 degrees.  This was to crisp the outer skin just a bit before filling them.  

While the skins were crisping, I mixed up the filling.  We keep our potatoes pretty simple. In the bowl on top of the potato is six pieces of bacon broken in a pieces, shredded cheddar cheese, and salt and pepper. 

I then filled the skins and placed them back in the air fryer for five more minutes.  After they baked those five minutes, to  make them extra cheesy, I added sprinkled more cheese on top and let that melt for one  more minute.  

The finished potatoes are so good, and don't last long!  

BONUS TIP  If you have any potato filling left over, just mix it with scrambled eggs the next morning for a filling breakfast. 

Today's Shopping Tip is a fun one. If you plan on going out for Black Friday shopping on Friday morning, you might want to make Kohls one of your first stops.  The first 200 people who enter the stores will be part of their TGIBF Sweepstakes.  Everyone of 18 years old will be given a game piece with the possibility to win over a million dollars in prizes.  The big prize is a trip to Legoland, but they are also giving away gift cards, appliances and Kohls cash. Every card will win something. 

I have another easy last minute Thanksgiving recipe planned for tomorrow.  See you then.  

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