Friday, November 4, 2022

Countdown to Thanksgiving- Turkey Pumpkin Centerpiece


Back a few years ago, before I was working full time, I used to do a holiday countdown where I would share a daily craft or recipe for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The last few years my schedule did not really allow me to keep up with a daily schedule, but this year I am working a home, and able to do a countdown again. 

Each day (at least each week day) I plan on sharing a Thanksgiving craft. Many of them are crafts you can do with your kids, and display on the holiday. 

 A few times a week I will share a holiday recipe that you can make for you friends and family.  I will be sharing a recipe from my blog, and feature recipes from the Dare to Share round up posts. 

 A new thing I am going to add this year since there are so many of us dealing with the affects of inflation on our budgets, I am also going to share a shopping deal or two that you might not know about.  The holidays are coming up very fast, so we could all use ways to save some money when we can. 

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Today's Craft of the Day 

As you are putting away your Halloween craft supplies, if you find you have craft pumpkins still on hand, we can use them to make some Turkey Pumpkin Centerpieces.  

I love using the craft foam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree. While they are no longer available online, their website still has some different types of crafting pumpkins available,  if you are need any for your Thanksgiving crafts.     Whichever pumpkin that you choose to use, paint it the color of the turkey you are making. I chose to use a dark brown.  

 Cut a peanut shaped turkey head (body) out of craft foam.  Make sure it is the right size to attach to your pumpkin.   I then glued on the face using google eyes, a craft foam orange heart and a little red swish for the wattle.  (or is it snood, I always get confused LOL)  I then glued it to the front of the pumpkin. 

I cut the feet out of orange craft foam and glue it to the bottom of the pumpkin. 

I used a variety of colors of craft foam to make the feathers. You can make little snip around the shapes, to make them look like feathers.  Arrange them how you want and glue them to the back side of the pumpkin.  

Add a couple of craft foam wings, and your Turkey Pumpkin is complete. 

Your Turkey Pumpkin is ready for Thanksgiving!  He would look really cute as part of a table centerpiece. 

Now onto the money saving tips I saw in the past day or so. 

Do you have an Aldi nearby?  It is one of my favorite places to shop for my groceries.  They are currently advertising that they are rolling back their Thanksgiving essentials prices to 2019 prices.  I am pretty excited because this will help our food budget.  While I was there last night, I saw they currently had turkeys for about $1.09 a lb. (it may vary by area) 

Another way to save on Thanksgiving groceries right now is by using Ibotta.  I use Ibotta all the time and earn money back on groceries I am already buying anyway.  They currently have cash back on many Thanksgiving essentials, and if you redeem sixteen offers by Nov 18, they will give you an offer for a free turkey!   If you do not have the app yet, you can check out the Ibotta App Here

One last saving tip that I just found out today.  Over on Oriental Trading they are currently offering FREE Shipping on orders of $49, and $10 off orders of $69 using the code CE224644 at checkout.  They offer many Thanksgiving craft kids, and decor, and have some Early Bird Black Friday deals for 50% off right now. 

If you hear of any great deals, money saving tips, let me know in the comments.  

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