Friday, November 11, 2022

Countdown to Thanksgiving - Leftover Turkey Pizza


In today's Countdown to Thanksgiving post I am going to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes and that is 
Leftover Thanksgiving Pizza.   I think I look forward to making this pizza more than the actual dinner.   

Last year I made three pizzas for my bonus kids, and I am not kidding when I say all three of them disappeared in minutes. 

It seems that every time I make this pizza it's in the evening without good light, because all of my photos are darker than I would like.  I will have to try and take some lighter pictures when I make it this year. 

Anyway back to the recipe.  The crust is made from crescent roll dough.  You only need one package per pizza.  Other types of pizza dough will work too, I just find premade dough the easiest and quickest.   Back the dough for 8 minutes in a 425 degree oven. 

There are a couple of things you can use for the sauce.  I like to use the cranberry sauce with berries as mine.  I buy it from Aldi, but I have seen it in regular grocery stores as well.  A few years when I did not have cranberry sauce, I used black cherry topping which was a great alternative.

One top of the sauce I put a layer of leftover stuffing.  If you house is like my house though there is not usually enough leftover.  I like to keep a box of stuffing on hand to add it to the pizza. 

After the stuffing, I added a layer of turkey pieces that I pulled into smaller pieces.  

My family loves cheese, so I add a generous amount on top. 

What is nice about this pizza is you can change it up based on your family's leftovers. You could easily add mashed potatoes, or switch out the cranberry sauce for gravy, it's up to you. 

Once the cheese is added, put the pizza back in the over for 6 more minutes. 

When it is done, it is a yummy mix of Thanksgiving flavors.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.   So while you are stocking up on your holiday groceries, make to pick up a few extra items so you have them on hand for this pizza.  

Savings Tip of the Day 

If you love Subway, through today you can get a Buy one, get one free footlong in the app or online with the code  FLBOGO, also if you like to give gift cards as gifts they will give you a few 6 inch sub with a gift card purchase of $25. 

Another thing that you might find helpful when planning your holiday meal shopping, Meijer and probably other stores as well often have a preview of the next weeks ad, so you can see what will be on sale the following week.  This may be helpful if you are on a tight budget this year.  

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