Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Countdown to Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Place Cards

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving craft that actually serves a purpose, how about making Thanksgiving Turkey Place Cards. 

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 For this project you will need brown, orange, and red craft foam, and pipe cleaners in various colors for the feathers.  

To make the turkey body, cut out one peanut shape in the size turkey you would like, and two tear drop shapes for the wings.

Using a hot glue gun, glue two google eyes, a beak and a wattle on the smaller the turkey's head. 

Cut the pipe cleaners in half, and then wrap them around a pencil to make a spiral feather. 

Cut a yellow or orange pipe cleaner into for even pieces.  Next wrap one of the pieces around a second piece with the ends pointing down.  Repeat with the other two pieces of pipe cleaner.


Glue the feathers and the legs/feet onto the back of the turkeys body.  

Attach the wings to the front of the turkey's body.  Cut a rectangle out of white paper and and slide it in place underneath the wings.  I did not glue down the paper so I would be able to change the names out each year.

If you have leftover craft foam, you can use the pieces to make Turkey Treat Boxes.  (I buy the small plastic containers at the Dollar Tree) 
To make the turkey head, cut out a smaller peanut shaped body and face and glue it to the front of the treat box.

To make the feathers I cut pipe cleaners in half, and then folded the halves. I attached them together in the color order I wanted by twisting them together. (see the top picture) Once they were all attached, I folded them all together and twisted all the ends.  They were much easier to attach in one piece.  You can glue the feathers to the top of the lid, or the back of the box, whichever you prefer.   You can see both ways in the first picture of the treat boxes. 

I do have printable place cards and several Thanksgiving Games available in my Etsy Shop if you prefer to not to make your own.  

Today's Saving Tip of the Day

Dollar Tree has $5.99 flat rate shipping through November 9th with the code FESTIVE.  

They also have updated DollarTree.com so it is much easier to find all the new Dollar Tree Plus items on the site.  If you are not able to use the shipping deal, remember you most items are available to be shipped FREE to your local store.

Tomorrow I will have a special Thanksgiving snack that is cute and healthy.. Hope to see you there.  

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