Thursday, November 3, 2022

Why Creative Fabrica is an Amazing Site for Creatives

As many of my frequent readers may know, I am a person who wears many hats. Not only am I a blogger, I am also a teacher, tutor, Etsy shop owner, crafter and a mom. When I started this blog, my kids were young and loved having themed parties.  Now that they are older and busy with their lives, I still love to plan themed parties, but my focus has changed a little bit.  

I spend my time teaching and tutoring kids, and making printable digital designs for my shop. 

Today I would like to share with you about a website that I truly love to use on a regular basis, for all areas of my life. It is called Creative Fabrica.

I use this site to make many of my digital printables for my Etsy shop by using clip art and fonts from their site. I have used Creative Fabrica for a long time, and it is my go to resource for my designing and other needs.  What is so cool about Creative Fabrica, it has so much available on the site that you can use it for just about everything you want to make, not just making digital files.

There are so many things that they offer on Creative Fabrica, many of which you can access for free. If you are a crafter,  you can find and download Free SVG Files that can be used with cutting machines to make craft projects.  Do you like to do embroidery?  If you do, they have a large amount of Free embroidery Patterns available for you to use.  

They also have free fonts that are perfect for all kinds of occasions, crafts, celebrations, and projects (like making party decorations :)).   

In addition to all their free resources you can find templates, mock ups, teaching resources and more.  I told you it was an amazing site!

One of my favorite Halloween listings in my Etsy Shop is my bundle of Halloween Gnomes that are the perfect size to be framed as decor, or in a tiered tray. When I created these designs, I got the original gnome clipart bundle from Creative Fabrica.    

I then went to Canva and used the clip art and turned them into my own designs.  If you are wondering if you are allowed to resell something that you create, yes you are!  Creative Fabrica does offer commercial use licenses with their products. They do require that you need to make a new unique design if you are selling your design, and not resell the product as is.  Just make sure to read the license, and make sure to follow what it says to do.

Another popular item in my shop was also created by using Creative Fabrica's fonts. The title font on my Mother's Day Questionnaire printable is Back to Valentine Love , and the smaller font on the questions is Bebas Neue. They were part of a free font bundle that was available for a limited time. If you sign up for their email list, you get a daily email with day's freebies, and chances to win different prizes each day.  The prizes are really nice too. Some of the prizes have been for things such as Silhouettes, Cricuts, and other items that help you create your amazing crafts and creations. 

As I was writing this post, I received my Creative Fabrica Daily Gift email. I look forward to receiving my daily emails, because they make it feel like it is Christmas every day.  In each daily gift you receive a free font, or free font bundle, a SVG cut file, and a clip art design. I am super excited with what I received today, which was a Farmhouse Halloween Clipart Bundle, and Crafty Christmas Font Bundle, and a chance for a Vinyl Bundle Giveaway. Each daily gift is only available for 24 hours and they change daily, so make sure to download them when you can so you don't miss out on some fantastic savings.  So if you want to receive daily freebies, make sure to opt in to the email list.   

You may also be wondering how to keep track of your downloaded freebies.  It is actually quite easy to do.  You can create a free Creative Fabrica account where you will see all the products you have downloaded for free, and the paid ones you may buy.  They often have unlimited downloads, so if you can't find your file and need to download it again, you can easily do that. If you are looking for something specific like a graphic or font, you can find thousands of items by using the search bar.  I found so many cute graphics that I didn't know existed this way. Creative Fabrica often has amazing sales, sometimes as much as 90%. 

On my blog, I like to share products and websites that I know well, and really believe in.  Creative Fabrica is definitely one of those things.  Why not check it out today.  

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