Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Countdown to Thanksgiving - Pilgrim Hats and Turkey Sandwiches

Today's Countdown to Thanksgiving Craft is a simple one, but might be something you may not thought of making before.  A few years back I was low on time before Thanksgiving, but wanted to make some sort of centerpiece for my table.  I realized I had a new unused clay pot on hand. I also had some styrofoam cups. I decided to pull out my craft paint and turn them into pilgrim hats. I painted both the pot and cups black, and then let them dry. While they were drying, I cut white paper strips for the hat band, and buckles out of gold cardstock.   Once the paint was dry, I put the bands and buckles on the hats with a little glue.  That's all there was to it. I told you it was simple.  I filled the pot with mini gourds I had on hand, and placed it in the middle of the table.  I added some names on the cup hats, and used them as place cards.  Hmm.. I might have to check my Thanksgiving boxes and put them back out again this year.

The recipe I am going to share with you today is also pretty simple, but my kids loved them when they were younger.  We used to eat turkey sandwiches that were actual turkeys. 

I cut the crust off the edges of the bread, but it is not necessary.  I also used a circle cookie cutter to cut out the turkey's head.  You can use whatever bread you would like, but I found wheat bread or whole grain bread gives it more of a turkey color. 

I cut colored peppers into slices to make the turkey feathers.  I also cut out a small triangle for he beaks, and small slice of red for the  wattle. 

Make the sandwiches with the ingredients of your choice.  For the best flavor, you would probably want something that goes well with peppers like chicken salad, turkey, cheese, or tuna. 

Once you choose your filling, add the feathers by placing one of the ends in between the two pieces of bread.  I used small cranberries for the eyes, but you can use raisins, grapes, anything small and round.  I attached the face pieces to the head with a tiny dab of cream cheese. 

They make cute appetizers, or a kid's snack. 

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