Wednesday, August 31, 2022

How to make Scarecrow and Crow Pumpkins (using Dollar Tree items)

One of my favorite fall crafts that I have made is my Scarecrow and Crow Pumpkins.  I have been making different pumpkins over the years, and have so many now, I call them my Pumpkin Gang.  You can see many of the pumpkins in Pumpkin Gang here.

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To start my pumpkins, I painted one of them tan, and one of them black.  Dollar Tree has pumpkins in three colors now, orange,   white, and black.   If you do not want to paint one of the pumpkins, buy one that is already black.   I have linked them to if you can not find them in stores.  You can currently buy the pumpkins in small quantities.  

Of the two pumpkins, the crow is the easiest to make.  You will just need some google eyes, black and orange craft foam, and some black feathers, all of which you can find at Dollar Tree.

I used the largest google eyes in the package on both the crow in the scarecrow.  I then painted the triangle nose, and the cheeks.  I watered down the red paint a bit so it would seem a bit muted. I used a sharpie to make the smile.  

I made the hat out of some burlap I had on hand, but the Dollar Tree has some of the cutest autumn, and Halloween fabrics.  I especially love their sunflower fabric.  I cut two half circles out of the fabric, after making sure they were wide enough to cover the top of the pumpkin. I did a quick whip stitch around the curves to hold the pieces together. 

To make the hat fit a little better, I rolled the edges up a couple of times.  

I found it was easier to add the straw/raffia after that hat was on the scarecrow. I stuffed it under the hat, and glued where it was needed.  

The final touch was to add a Dollar Tree sunflower!  

These two are so easy to make, and a perfect addition to your fall decor. 

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