Friday, August 12, 2022

Dare to Share #532

It's Friday night, and you know what that means..
It is time to Dare to Share! 

And Poof! It's already mid August.  Does anyone else feel like they did not have a summer this year? I do realize why my summer may seem on the short side.  My school where I worked did not get out until mid June.  Then my move to Ohio took up a big part of the summer.  We were able to go on vacation last week, but did not spend a lot of time outside because of a heatwave. It was close to 100 degrees every single day.  It just feels like all of a sudden we are going back to school.  Today was the first day of my bonus son's Senior year of high school.  He is going back three weeks earlier than I would be if was still in Michigan teaching.  It has not hit me yet, that I am not teaching this upcoming school year, but we will see what happens in a couple of weeks.  

Do you feel like this summer seemed super short too?  Let  me know i the comments. 

As I mentioned above, we were able enjoy a fun vacation visiting my mom, and then spend a few days in Branson, Mo.  This week I was able to post my review of the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center.  We really enjoyed all the different activities in the center, which you can read more about in the post.   I have more posts that I will be sharing about this upcoming weeks about Red Oaks 2 (an interesting tiny town started by the artist Lowell Davis) and our visit to the Butterfly Palace. 

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I posted yesterday about some exciting news I just found out.. The Dollar Tree has updated their website and is now selling Dollar Tree Plus Items Online! (<-- read more about it here)  This makes me so happy because I do not have a Dollar Tree Plus in Ohio or in Michigan, and they have some pretty cool items for only $3 and $5.  Another secret I can share with you, if you love gnomes and having a hard time finding them in store, they are selling them online. They even have exclusive online only gnomes for Halloween. EEEKKK!  Many of their best selling items can be bought in small quantities and shipped to your store for FREE, so you will definitely want to check out that post. 

I also just learned something else interesting this week.  Have you heard of  Audible?  I just heard about it recently.  I do know about audiobooks, because when I was teaching there were several kids who needed to listen to books, because they struggled with reading.  Well on Audible, there are thousands of books and podcasts available to listen to in all genres.  While there is a monthly membership cost, they do give a 30 Day Free Trial to test it out.  If you ever need to gift idea for someone who loves books, they also have gift memberships of 3, 6 and 12 months.  This may be a good time to look into this with school starting back up and being time to get back to the books! 

Well it is getting to be that time.. Time to get this party started! 
Link up and HAVE FUN!! 

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  1. I'm with you - this summer has flown by so quickly! I'm also a huge Audible fan and love listening to their books wherever I go. And thanks for the link to the Dollar Tree Online store - I can see I'm going to get in big trouble there!

    1. I can easily get myself in trouble now that the Dollar Tree Plus stuff is online too. I have bought a few hard to find items from there and shipped them to my store over the past year or two. I also just found out that a Family Dollar - Dollar Tree combination store that opened not too far from me a few weeks ago, also carries a few of the Plus Items. If you have a Family Dollar nearby they are starting to carry Dollar Tree items too.

  2. Thanks for the tips about the Dollar Tree online store. And, thank you for hosting the link-up.

    1. Glad I could help. Dollar Tree truly is my favorite store.

  3. I can so identify! August is nearly gone ... we had NO Spring to speak off; time basically flew from Winter to Summer; and already there is a definative Fall nip in the air, here along the Columbia River.

    Thanks for Hosting - it's always enjoyable to read Blog Posts and have the privilage of being invited into a small space of someone's life :-)

    Have a funtastic weekend!

  4. It still feels like New Years Eve was a couple of months ago to me. While I love fall, I am just not quite ready for it.

  5. I had never thought about shopping online at the Dollar Tree!

  6. Thanks for the interesting tips about DT online. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  7. I prefer to find the items in store, but I have bought online a few times when I was unable to find high demand items in store. All 3 times I had a good experience.

  8. Thanks for hosting a great party!! Hope your week is going well - I shared some posts from both of my blogs.


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