Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Ideas

I know it may feel early to be sharing ideas on to decorate  and craft pumpkins for Halloween.  The Dollar Tree and other craft stores are already stocking their shelves with fall crafting supplies.  Instagram is already full of fall crafting ideas.  I have shared these pumpkins on my Instagram feed, and to make it easier on any new followers that are looking for directions on how to make them I am posting a landing post where you can find them all in one place.  Click on their names to go to the individual posts.
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My scarecrow and crow are some of my very favorite pumpkins that I made. 

Olaf in another personal favorite of mine.  I stacked three pumpkins and attached them with hot glue to make this adorable  guy.  

When I made my monster pumpkin, they did not have the eyeballs at the Dollar Tree. I did spend less than on a dollar on them though when I found them at Michaels. 

Frankenpumpkin  was one of my first pumpkins to join the pumpkin gang.  You can't see it in the picture but he has push pin bolts on his neck.  

All of the supplies for Mummy Pumpkin were from the Dollar Tree.  I found the gauze in the health and beauty aisle. 

If you are more into decorating for fall than Halloween, you might want to make this sweet Owl Pumpkin

I designed my Bat and Spider Pumpkins as a guest post for a blogger who is no longer blogging.  They are pretty cute and easy to make.  

The witch pumpkin was a little more involved with the boa hair, clay nose and felt witch hat. 

Vampire Pumpkin  was the original founding father of the pumpkin gang. He was made from a white pumpkin from another store so I didn't have to paint him.  Did you know they are adding white foam pumpkins this year at Dollar Tree.  If you can not find them in the store both the white and orange are available online and in smaller quantities of only 4 or more. 

 I have two bonus pumpkins on this post that were not in my Instagram post.  One as this sweet black cat pumpkin

The last one I made for Thanksgiving with one of my extra Halloween pumpkins. Tom the Turkey Pumpkin made a nice centerpiece on our Thanksgiving table. 

I may have to get my supplies out and make a few new members of the gang this year. I have a few things in mind.... but it is a secret until I make them.  

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