Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Adventures of Buddy the Elf, Week 2

Buddy has been a pretty good elf this week. He did not get in too much trouble.  He also did not seem to mind the day that we were so busy, that he stayed in the same place longer than normal.  In this picture he is playing hide and seek in the poinesetta  His red suit blended in with the red flowers really well.  

Since he had been hiding in a flower, he thought his suit was a bit dirty.  He went to the AG spa, and took a long bubble bath under the Christmas tree. 

Buddy finds a big bowl of popcorn and asks if we can watch his favorite movie, and namesake. 

It has been very cold where we live this week.  On a particularly cold day, Buddy got out the hot chocolate so the kids could get warm after school. 

He was feeling creative this week. He found some of Kara's colored pencils and decided to sketch the Christmas tree.  Great work Buddy! 

This weekend, Buddy gave us a hint of what he wanted to do..  I think he wants to do some holiday baking. 

Buddy enjoys having an angel eyes view of what the kids are doing in the family room. 

If you want to follow along with what Buddy is doing each day, be sure to follow by Instagram.

See what Buddy did in his first week here.

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