Monday, December 9, 2013

A Woodland Themed Christmas

Our hedgehog enjoying a day in the sun

It is Woodland Christmas week on the blog!  Woodland animals are definitely a trend right now.  Long time readers will know that we have been loving woodland animals for a few years now.  That sweet hedgehog in the picture, he is Kara's pet Silver. She got him for her birthday a few years ago after a year of begging.  That summer she chose  a Woodland Themed Birthday Party Even her Halloween costumes for the past three years have been woodland themed.  In 2011, she was a fox, the next year a raccoon, and this year a bunny.  (originally going to be a hedgehog, and then a squirrel, before settling on the bunny)  So having a woodland themed Christmas week on the blog was a pretty easy decision.   

Mini wreath ornament with bird in a nest
When going through an old box of Christmas items  that I had not gone through in a very long time, I found a bag of partially finished mini bird nest wreaths.  I thought they would be perfect to turn into a woodland themed ornament.  They already had glittery nests, and a few random ornaments glued on.  I added a few more, and the glittery ribbon, so I could hang the wreaths.  I  still might add a little bit more of the glittery stems to the nest. ( I just remembered where I have them stored as I am typing this post.)  If you have a mini wreath, and a craft bird, this is a very easy ornament to make.  All you need is a glue gun, and some items to embellish the nest.   These birds will give my woodland themed Christmas tree, a real sense of nature since they look realistic.  

Here is a fun video of Silver enjoying a warm summer day. I know it is sideways, I have looked all over and can not find where I can rotate it. Enjoy!  

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  1. Really cute ornaments. And who doesn't love cute birds?


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