Friday, June 7, 2013

Our End of the School Year Tradition

Today was our last day of school.  I took last day pictures so I could compare them to the first day.   Kara really hasn't changed that much, but she does look a bit older.  This year was a transition year. She was in the oldest grade in intermediate school, and will be moving up to the middle school.  In just two short years she will be old enough for high school. (I'm so not ready!)  

Most years, we go to Dairy Queen on the last day of school to celebrate summer vacation.  This trip goes way back. Kristina had  just finished the 1st grade, and Kyle preschool.  Kara not quite three, so she did not even go to school yet. 

There were some years when I did not remember to bring my camera, and no one had smart phones yet.  I know I have a few more DQ pics, but I have not been able to find them yet.

I did find this one from 2009. I am not sure why I only have a picture of the Kara and not the other kids.  Maybe they were not cooperating that day. 

This is the picture I took this year. Quite a difference! Kristina did not come with us this time because she was very tired after finals and was taking a nap.  I was disappointed, but understood.  We were nice and still brought her home a treat.  In addition to being much bigger, both of them have darker hair.  Kyle just finished 8th and Kara 6th. 

Our celebration this year ended up in the car anyway. It was a very cool and breezy 63 degrees out, and we were too cold to eat our ice cream outside.  I can't remember another last day being this cold.  

Here are a few other of my favorite last day pictures.   I think this one was in 2006, so Kyle would have just finished 2nd, and Kristina 4th.  Now both of them will be in high school in the fall. (again, a bit freaked out over that!) 

Here is another cute last day photo.  This year they had finished 5th, 1st and 3rd. I love how Kara was posing for the picture.  She still does that! 

Do you have any end of the school year traditions?  

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