Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garage Sale Tips, Part 2

In case you missed my tips from the other day, you can see part one  here.

My feathery friends came to my garage sale again this year. I still remember the time a few years ago when a man sitting in his car waiting for his wife said, " Umm, the lawn ornaments are moving!"  Last year they stood in my front yard for a time, and greeted delighted  customers when they parked their cars.  

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One of my favorite places to go to get garage sale supplies is the Dollar Tree.  I stock up on price stickers, plastic tablecloths, tape, and wipes.  This year I also picked up some neon cut outs that were the perfect size to for signs that could be placed on  many items.  

Another thing that I like to do every year is to use my small three drawer rolling cart to keep everything I need in one place.       

In the top drawer are supplies we might need like extra price stickers, pens, batteries and a calculator.  In that black box is a set of mini screwdrivers that I got at the Dollar Tree .  I try to check items that need batteries to make sure they work.  It only costs a few cents per battery since they also carry those at Dollar Tree.  

In the middle drawer I keep extra paper towels and wipes. Even though you can not see them, I also have a couple of plastic tablecloths in case I need those too.   We keep the cash box in the bottom drawer.  This works great for a couple of reasons. It keeps the money out of sight, and it makes it much more difficult for someone to grab the cash box and run.  Not that, that has happened to us, but it's better  to be safe than sorry.  

This year we sectioned the garage into color zones so there was some organization to where the items were located.  The girl items were in the purple zone. 

Boy items were in the red zone.  Household items  and neutral toys were in the white zone.  

We put bigger items in the driveway, so cars driving by could see them. We sold both the beauty salon and kitchen today.  

This isn't the best picture, because I forgot to take it until  the last minute. To make the day more comfortable for us,  we sat under our pop up tent that I bought last year to use at parties.  It kept us out of the hot sun, and the red awning attracted more attention to our house.  

Sometimes it is hard to say good by to our favorite items, so when it is time to go, I take a picture.  My daughter LOVED her beauty salon when she was younger. I need to find the picture of her when she first got it. She was so tiny, that she was several inches shorter than the mirror.  Now she towers over it by a few feet.   A man from a mowing crew at my neighbor's house saw it when he was mowing the lawn. When he was done, he came over and told me he wanted to buy it for his daughter who just turned three. He knew she would be so surprised when he brought it home from work.  My daughter and I were both happy that there will be another little girl who would love to play beauty salon as much as she did.  

One day of the sale down, two more to go!  

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