Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Superbowl Party Food

Football Pops

Are you having a Super Bowl party on Sunday?  I have to admit,  I am not super excited about either team in it this year. I grew up in Ohio, and have always loved the Bengals.  Unfortunately they were out the first week of the playoffs.  Our family also roots for the Bears,  because there are a lot of family members in the Chicago area.  If I had choose a team, I guess I would be cheering on the Ravens.. You see, when I was at college at Ohio State, Jim Harbaugh who is now the 49ers coach, was the quarterback for our rivals the University of Michigan.  The OSU/U of M rivalry runs deep! I am not sure if John Harbaugh, went to U of M too, but at least he was not the quarterback while I was in school.  Even thought it was many years ago, it is very hard for a Buckeye to cheer for a Wolverine.  Go Bucks!

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. If you are hosting a party, and need some ideas, I put together a list of some easy  football themed snacks and treats to serve at the big game.   In the picture above are some football pops that I made from Rice Krispie Treats.. you can see how I made them HERE.


These BLT pops cut in the shape of a football jersey look like a lot of fun. You can find them on

If you are serving pizza, how about arranging the pepperoni in the shape of a football, like this one from shares how to make football shaped calzones and other great party food

Game day Guacamole can be found on

How about some football shaped subs from

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