Sunday, January 6, 2013

Target Clearance Finds

I spent only $22 and had a FULL cart 

We were at Target today and were thrilled to find that most Christmas items are now 90% off. There was still a pretty decent selection.  I did not score an awesome  Christmas Tree, like I did two years ago but I did find some great deals.   I am not one of those people who changed decor or make different themed trees from year to year.  After finding what I did today, I have decided I am going do one of my trees in a red and gold Woodland theme.   And here is why.. 

Target Clearance Finds 

Box of  ornaments that was $15.00,  only $1.50 
6 bear ornaments that were $3.00, now only .30 each 
6 mushroom ornaments that were $3.00 now only .30 each 
6 burlap trees that were $1.00 each, now only .10 each 
6 pks of red and gold glitter snowflakes that were $1.00, now only .10 each. 

I got everything I need for my themed trees for only......  $6.30 

I may add a few things next year, but I don't I would need very much.. 

Target Clearance Finds 

Some more really great finds 
Curly ribbon only .30 
Solid chocolate Santas only .29
Bath Puff only .09  (5 orange ones for an Easter craft) 
Felt ornaments to use as cat toys only .30 
Gingerbread ornament only .20 
Bell ornament only .40 
Purple tights only .49 
Hello Kitty Tee only $1.00
Box of Christmas cards only .50 

2 rolls of wrapping paper only .25 each (not pictured)

Target Clearance Finds 

I also stocked up on a few supplies that I can use for other things. 
3 boxes of mini candy canes for .24 each.  I can use them for Valentine Heart Pops
2 boxes of pinecones for .60 each. 
5 bags of  bows for only .10 each

I was pretty happy with my finds.  I am not sure how much longer items will be on  sale for the 90% price, but it is worth a look in the next day or two.  


  1. What?! I need to make a Target trip asap!

  2. Oh la la! Great finds! I want those cute teddies!!


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