Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Target Deals this Week

I had a good day at Target yesterday.  I found Easter on sale for 90% off. I was hoping to post this yesterday, but time got away from me.  I am not sure if there is any Easter still available today but it is worth a shot.

If you like Wonka candy,  Easter candy is now 70% off. There is also a $1.25 off two coupon available  on Target.com.   I got two large bags of Wonka chewy sweettarts (yum!) for only .80 a bag.  Had I printed a 2nd coupon, I would have got my Wonkay gummies for only .17 a bag.   I might  print another coupon today and see if they have any more left.
I did find a package of Easter cupcake liners for .19,  a bag of treat bags for .19, a cute arrow that can be repurposed for .30, a cute fox basket for .25 and stuffed bunny for .49.

10 packs of plastic eggs are only .09 each. The large 48 pack was only .19.   I really liked the color coordinated packs they had this year that were so perfect to use in crafts.  I have big plans for these eggs for next spring.  I bought a 148 eggs for only  $1.09!!

I also found some great non Easter deals.    The boys black champion sweats were normally $9.99.  My son is growing so fast, I always check the clearance area for his clothes.   They were marked $4.98 which I thought was a great deal.  I was surprised and thrilled when they rang up 70% off at only $2.98.  They were Champion brand!!
Another great deal were the tank tops.   The blue ruffled tank is Merona, on sale for $6 this week.  The red long skinny tank is a Mossini also on sale for $6.  Both have $3 coupons on Target.com this week, and after coupon are only $3 each.

If you have allergies like me,  there is a great Zyrtec deal.  While yes, you can use the $7 this week only coupon for a smaller size pack, but Target has a special deal with their 45 + a bonus 15 packs, on sale for $26.95.  There is also a $2 Target coupon that can be stacked with the $7 insert coupon.   60 pills of Zyrtec for only $17.95 which is an amazing price  if you have only 1 or 2 coupons to use.

We needed toliet paper this week. While the $12.99 Charmin deal is not an amazing price, you receive a free Charmin wipes pack with purchase.

Sobe water is also on sale this week at only .90 a bottle.

I bought a few other things and saved $18 in coupons.

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