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Egg Coloring Techniques

Easter Eggs,  Egg Coloring Ideas

We colored our eggs tonight, since we are going to be busy the next couple of days. One thing nice about the kids getting older, we can take our time coloring our Easter Eggs. No more  worrying  about one of my children (who will remain unnamed)  trying to eat egg soup their first year of coloring. (It did make a great scrapbook page though!)  This year we tried some fun new techniques while coloring, and the results turned out even better than expected. .

Easter Egg Circles, Easter Egg Stickers

To make the egg with the circles, I added notebook paper hole reinforcement stickers found in the stationary aisle of Target. I applied the circles and then dipped the egg. 

Egg Coloring Techniques

I left the egg  in the orange dye  a long time, so it would be very bright against the white circles. Once the stickers got wet, they did get a little sticky.  I did have to do a little bit of scrapping to get them totally off the egg, but I love the results.   Kara made the darker egg with the circles in the first picture.  She dipped in orange and then pink. Once she removed the stickers she quickly dipped it in yellow,  so  her circles have a yellow hue.

Easter Egg Initial

The initial egg was  also Kara's idea.  She wrote out her name using plain old scotch tape. Once the egg was dry, she removed the tape and dipped it again  it in the purple.  Her name is in a pretty lavender shade.

Easy Way to Decorate Easter Eggs

Here she is  showing a great coloring  technique for younger kids.  Place your egg inside a wisk, for easy dipping.  The egg is held in place, and is  a cinch to dip in the colors.

Striped Easter Egg

 This egg was made with  skinny rubber bands.  I wrapped a couple of rubber bands around the middle of the egg, before dipping it in the color. Once the egg was dry, I removed the bands.

Color Blocked Easter Egg

This egg was made by cutting small pieces of rectangle labels and placing them on the egg.  When the stickers were removed, it left a brick effect.

Easter Egg Polka Dots

The dots were made but using a hole punch on the label stickers.  It was a little hard to pull of the backing off, but again really worth  the few extra minutes.

Spotted Easter Eggs

Kara made this egg, by dipping it again after removing the stickers.  I love the color  polka dot look

Taped Easter Egg

Kara also made this egg.  She first dipped it into the yellow dye. Once the yellow was dry, she placed on some random scotch tape and dipped it again in the orange.  The colors did bleed a little under the tape, but the effect is really pretty.

Skinny Striped Easter Egg

This egg was made by placing two rubber bands around the egg, and one more the long way around the egg.  Kara dipped it in the blue, and then when the bands were removed dipped it in purple. I think this is one of my favorite eggs.

While coloring our eggs, we were watching the movie Hop. It was so funny, and will now become our ritual Easter movie, like Elf at Christmas.

Real Reason for Easter, Easter Egg with Cross

                                              Remembering the real reason for the season!

I will be linking they ways we colored our Easter Eggs at this wonderful blogs here.


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