Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Countdown to Summer Slimdown Update

Today marks two weeks into my slim down for summer project.  I have to say, I really have not been making much progress.  I have lost and gained the same pound several times over the last 2 weeks.  I am exactly where I started 2 weeks ago.   I know I have not really been exercising as much as I should.  Our gorgeous weather in mid March, went back to normal Michigan weather in March.  I don't do well with cold temps , so I have not been doing much outside in 40-50 degree weather. Some days I have been eatting really well, and then others I find myself slipping into bad habits and craving sugar.  The 1st official month of my countdown is still a few weeks away, lets see what the next few weeks bring.

Are you trying to get in shape for summer too?   Please share how things are going with you.


  1. I am not really doing it for summer but just tired of being "fat" hahaa and looking at my pics from Disney about did me in. before disney I had planned on joining zumba when I got back (was afraid if I joined before and took a week off it would be hard to get back) and I did and I am LOVING it!!! I only go 2 days a week but it makes me want to do more on the other days. since I can't afford to go more than those 2 days right now I am getting zumba for the wii. also I want to start walking on my days off. I have cut back on my soda intake (that is ALL I drank) so now only have 1 20 oz a day which is a lot to most but cut back a TON for what I normally drink. I try not to eat a ton of snacks but if I want something I have it since overeating or oversnacking wasn't really my problem. I think I have lost around a pound. in just over a week and hope it keeps coming off. keep it up Pam and don't let it get to you if it doesn't drop! just keep moving. find something that you like and can stick to that is FUN and not a "chore" to do. :)

  2. When I weighed myself today I had lost that pound again. Hopefully this time it will stay off. The weather is a little nicer this week than, last so that has helped me want to move more.


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