Sunday, October 23, 2011

What We Did Last Night

Our neighborhing town had a family friendly Halloween Festival.  It has a Legend of Sleeping Hollow theme, including a 5K/10K  with a real Headless Horseman kicking off the race.    We thought it sounded like a lot of fun. 

Karas costume for this year is not quite ready,  so she wore her Cream the Rabbit costume from last year. 

The younger girls entered the costume contest.  I wanted Kyle to enter wearing his chameleon costume, but he decided at the last minute he did not want to.  There were easily over 50 kids in their age bracket.  He would have been the only Flying Chameleon   in the contest, but oh well.. 

I know Kara was contender with a few of the judges.  One stopped and asked several questions and then I saw her write something down with Karas number.  She was disappointed she did not win top 3, but she still had fun.   

After the contest we stopped at several Trick or Treat Stations and vendor booths with freebies.  We also ran in to a good friend of the girls how had this very orginal cosutme.  Yes she is wearing a box on her head, but her mom decorated the box so it looks like she is a life like doll.   Pretty cool!!

We also stopped at the Smore station and roasted marshmellows.. YUM!!

It was such a fun night and we look forwaward go going again next year with this years costume! 

Speaking of costumes,  Kyles Flying Chameleon was featured for another time this weekend.  He was chosen for Strut Yourself Sunday    on J and Ms Eye Candy    blog.  Be sure to check out their fun blog with great tips for living with kids. 

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