Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Super Savings Weekend..

I love when the stars seem to align, and are able to find incrediable deals that you were not planning on.  My super savings weekend actually started on Thursday.    Thursday morning before school, my teenager told me that she really could use some new jeans. I told her that we would look for some soon.    I met with some friends that morning, and when one of them asked me to to go Kohls with her, I said sure I would tag along.   I recently received a 20% coupon in the mail.  While we were looking on the clearance racks, I found two pairs of jeans that would fit my daughter for 90% off!  One was a pair of Candies, regularly $48.00, marked down to $4.80.  The other pair was Elle jean leggings, regulary $44.00, marked down to $4.40.   I also found a purse that I loved, but the Kohls gift card I got in the mail for my birthday did not start until Oct 1.  I decided to wait on the purse at that time.  At the check out, I was also able to use my 20% coupon on top of the 90% clearance and saved another $1.84.  I got two pairs of jeans for only $7.80, and I saved $84.64.

 About once a month, I take my teenager to an one on one dinner at Fridays.  I belong to their Give Me More Stripes  program,  and I had just earned a free chicken or seafood coupon for accumulating more than 100 points.   I got my dinner, Parm Chicken, for free. Yum!   When the bill came, I was pleasantly surprised to also receive the survey for $8 off any appetizer at my next visit.  I truly love Fridays, because their coupons are always very generous. 

After Fridays we made a quick Target run.  I had some coupons expiring today (10/1) that I wanted to use.  I got both bottles of Sally Hansen nail polish for free.   They were $1.99, and I was able to use a $1 Target coupon and a $1 manufacturer coupon.   The Rimmel eyeshadows were only .49 after coupons.  Normally $2.49, I was able to use a $1 Target coupon and a $1 Rimmel coupon.  The Orbit gum 3 pack was only $1.  It was on sale for $2, but I had a $1 coupon.  All of these items would have been $11.65, I spent only $1.98. 

Today I went back to Kohls, to see if the purse I saw on Thursday was still there.  Unfortunately it wasnt, but I found two more that I really liked.  I spent only $9.28 for TWO name brand purses, and saved $116.76.   

The pink Chaps purse was orginally  $79.00. It was 70% and marked down to $23.70. The white ruffle purse Daisy Fuentes purse was orginally $58.00, it was marked 70% at $17.40. When it was rung up, however, it was actually 80% off and rang up $11.60.    My subtotal came to $35.30, which would still have been a great price for two purses.  I applied my $10 birthday coupon that they sent me in the mail.  My 20% coupon, took off an additional $5.06.  I also had an old gift card from last Christmas still left in my purse with $12.17 still on the card.  Final price for purses that would have been $137 full price, only $9.28. My final savings was 93%.  

I don't know if my super savings will continue, but I sure how that it does!

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