Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, its not my bithday yet, but it will be later this week.  The reason for this post is I want to share how many resturants and businesses want to shower you will  freebies and deals during your birthday month.   In the past two weeks my email and my real mailbox have been overflowing with wonderful gifts and coupons.  
I have received :

a $10 gift card from Kohls
a free dinner at local Japanese steakhouse ($19.99 value)
a free birthday burger from Red Robin
a free sundae from Ritters (a custard shop)
a $3 coupon from Fantastic Sams
a free pastry from Panera Bread
a free brownie sundae from Chilis
a free dessert from Carinos
a free burger, salad or sandwich from Bennigans
a free dessert from Buffalo Wild Wings
a free 12 oz shake from Arbys
a free burger from Ruby Tuesdays
a free Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity from IHOP

Even if I ate every meal out for the next two weeks, I wont be able to use all of the goodies that have been sent to me.  If you have a favorite place to eat,  make sure to get on their email list.

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