Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple-Candy Monsters

Turn your apples into monsters   #halloween

My kids had a ball making these apple monsters.  I first saw them when Sun Scholars posted them in her Halloween Inspiration link.     I knew when I saw them that we had to try them, especially since we have a big bowl of apples sitting on the counter that we picked last weekend.     Kara and I went to the dollar store to pick up some cheap candy.  

I added the candy that we bought to a stash we already had for a couple other projects.  I basically just put all the candy on the counter and told the kids to have at it.  When given free reign, my kids can be so creative.

I used a paring knife and cut out the mouth shape.  This picture cracks me up, because my kids are posing with their apple mouths. 

Kyle immediately went for the candy corn.  He wanted to make candy corn fangs.

Kara took a "nicer" approach, she wanted to make an apple angel.

This what they came up with..   Just a FYI, the giant marshmallows are not her ears, but her wings.    Kyle added candy stick horns and a gummy worm.  He added the toothpick not only for a scarier effect but to to keep the teeth in place to hold the worm.  He also used a lot of orange gel to add on his eyes, for a bigger Ew factor.   LOL!

Turn your apples into monsters #Halloween

Here are some of the apples we made.

Kyle was brave enough to eat his creation.   This was one way to get him to eat an apple. He normally doesn't eat a lot of fruit, unless it is a banana that I want to use for something else.. :)

Making Apple Monsters would be a great activity to do at a neighborhood Halloween party, or just to have fun in the kitchen with your kids.


  1. These are so fun looking! My kids would have a ball making these!

  2. These are so cute, and FUN too!! :) Great idea! I'm visiting from the NJAH linky party, I hope you'll pop by and say hello!

    I also have a linky party every Tuesday and would love it if you'd link up your tutorial, I'm featuring recipes this week! :) xoxo

  3. Haha...these are awesome! What a fantastic idea! Thanks for linking it to one artsy mama!

  4. love it allowing them to have fun and use their imagination and artisitic skills is awesome come see me at

  5. What a fun and creative activity! I love their creations. I would have gone for the extra "ew factor" too. Haha! I would love it if you would stop by my blog to say hi! I hope you're having an awesome day! :)

    Mandi at BBM

  6. How totally cute! What a fun activity for kids. We'll have to do this. Thanks!!!

  7. Very clever! Love the gummy worm addition!

  8. Oh my gosh these are adorable ideas!! I love them. I would LOVE for you to stop over and link these and anything Halloween in my Halloween link up! I'd love to have you!

    Thanks for sharing, Kelli

  9. Fun for the kids I am sure. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  10. Great ideas for kids! i will make it, thankssss!!!

  11. Super cute and creative!! We host a linky party “Help a Momma Out” every Tuesday. This would be a perfect link up! I would love it if you linked it up! And of course anything else you would like to share is always welcome! Thanks so much!


  12. haha this is so stinkin cute!!! LOVE IT!:)

  13. How fun! I love the sour ribbon hair. So creative. I am visiting from Pinterest Tuesday and have pinned this fun idea. Vicky from

  14. Super cute! Love for you to link these and any other of your great projects to Things I've Done Thursday, going on now until noon tomorrow!


  15. Love these! I'm your new GFC follower :)

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