Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eatting Out with Kids on a Budget

Eatting out can be expensive. Families with children often find that eatting out breaks the monthly budget. That does not always have to be the case. Many chain restaraunts are now offering, coupons, reward programs and special promotions, that make eatting out much more affordable.

TGI Fridays offers many ways to save money while eatting in their restaurant. Coupons can often be found in the coupon magazines sent in the mail, and on their website and facebook page. In addtion to the coupons, they offer a wonderful reward program called Give Me More Stripes. Every dollar you spend earns points, and those points quickly turn into coupons for free food at your next visit. Also many times when paying the bill you will be offered a code to fill out an online survey. Those surveys are worth the 5 minutes it takes to fill out, because it is worth $8 off an appetizers at your next visit. They are having a current promotion where if you wear a costume to the restaurant on the days of Oct 29-31, you will receive a free appetizer while supplies last.  More information on the Give Me More Stripes program can be found at


IHOP is another family friendly restaurant with many ways to save money. Buy 1 Get 1 free meal coupons are in the monthly coupon magazines. They also often have Kids Eat Free promotions. If you join their reward promotion called, Pancake Revolution, you will receive coupons for free meals at sign up, your birthday, and your sign up anniversary. Their current promotion is kids 12 and younger can receive free scary face pancakes on Oct 28th, from 7 a.m.-10 p.m. More information on the Pancake Revolution and free pancake promotion can be found at

Red Robin has a new reward program called Red Royalty. You can sign up for this program on their website, or pick up a card at the restaurant. When you register your card online you will receive a free burger on your birthday, and a free appetizer the 2 weeks after registration.  More information on the Red Robin reward program can be found at

Chilis will give you a coupon for a free Chips and Queso appetizer when you sign up for their e-club.  They also have many Kids Eat Free days throughout the year.  More information on the free chips and queso and their eclub can be found on the Chilis website, which can be linked through the banner.  

Bennigans also has an eclub with free item coupons at sign up. I received a free Brownie Bottom Pie.   Bennigans have a kids eat free with a purchase of an adult entrees days at well. Call your local Bennigans to find out the days of their promotions.  More information on the eclub can be found at


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