Monday, October 17, 2011

A Few More Thank Yous..

In the past few days I found out I was featured two more times.  Wow!  This week has really been overwhelming.  While I am thrilled to be featured from time to time, to have it happen 5 times in a week has been truly amazing to me.   I really feel the need to thank the the wonderful blogs that have featured one of my crafts or recipes.    Earlier in the  week it was Our Country Road featuring my mummy pumpkin,  Laugh, Love, Craft featuring my Apple Crisp Pizza, and One Artsy Mama with my Apple Candy Monsters..

One Friday I found out that Apple Candy Monsters  were featured on Local Fun for Kids.   Local Fun for Kids is a great blog to find activities and crafts for kids.  

This morning I found out that my Apple Crisp Pizza  was featured on  Home Saavy A to Z.   Home Saavy is full of tips and ideas for the home such as decorating, maintainence, gardening and more..   

I will be adding their buttons to the featured link.  Be sure to check out these awesome blogs!! 

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