Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Unexpected Day

Do you ever have a day that is unplanned, but it turns out to be full of blessings?  This morning I had only planned on going to a woman's group that I attend, to hang out with some friends for a few hours.  Today we were having a creating day when you can bring in a project or hobby to work on.  I am extremely far behind in cutting my coupons, so I decided to work on that.  After a few hours of chatting and cutting, I started to drive home.   Before I even made it to my house, I got a call from another friend.   I had not seen this friend in a few weeks, so she invited me to go to lunch.  I said sure, I would love to go to lunch.  We then spent the next couple of hours catching up at Panera. YUM!   I got home just in time to go pick up my two older kids from school.  Less than an hour later, I went to meet another old friend who had I seen in awhile.  We had made tenative plans to meet after school.  (she was my son's parapro a few years ago).  I went to meet her not  yet knowing what we were going to do, or if she could still spend time with me today.  We decided to go by my house, so she could  see my son.  He has really grown in recent years, and is now in middle school.  She was  his para in 1st and 2nd, but has been able to see him through the years.  This year is the first year she does not get to see him  because he is now in a different school, and  he doesnt have a bus stop at her school anymore.   He was excited to see her, and asked if she would like to play basketball with him.  Because of his Aspergers, she was thrilled with how much he was interacting with her and jumped at the chance to play.  He LOVED the facy that he was as big as she is now.  She then suggested we all go out to dinner, so she could spend more time with me and the kids to catch up.  The entire dinner Kyle was engaged in conversation and having fun.  When dinner was over, she told us that seeing us had really made her day. She was overjoyed to see the mature, almost teen that Kyle was becoming.   She insisted that we get together again soon.    I didn't get anything done on the blog, or  in the house today, but THAT'S OKAY!   Today was a wonderful day spent with people who mean a lot in my life, and some days that is what matters most. 

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