Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Bye Party Update

We had a lot of fun at the going away party.  Kara and several of her friends got to spend the afternoon jumping in a bonce house, and eatting lots of treats.  As you see in the picture, she also spent a lot of time with a furry friend. 

Kara adores Caitlyn's dog Rascal.   She will miss him almost as she will miss Caitlyn. 

I wanted to share an idea that my friend Julie had at the party because it was a great idea, and a bit hit.  For a yummy treat for the kids we had pudding sundaes.   She fill small cups about halfway full with chocolate pudding.     Each person then had an option of adding sprinkles or M & Ms to their pudding.   I did see a few of the girls doing M & M shots without the pudding..  LOL!!   This is a great idea for a kids party because it is simple to set up and has pre-determined portions. 
Cailtyn loved her Zhu Zhu puppy!    It was a fun day, and Kara was the last to leave.  She didnt want to go.  She knew it was a school night and going home meant doing homework.     We will see Caitlyn today and tomorrow, so at least we did not have to say our final goodbyes YET!

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