Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Banana Burritos

I picked up some bananas at Meijer last night, so I was able to make this yummy treat this morning.  Banana Burrios are great for a nutrious on the go breakfast or the lunch box.  They are also easy and quick to make. 

The best  tortilla for the banana burrito is the 8 inch, enchilada  size.

Spread on your favorite peanut butter.  I love Chunky Jif!  You could probably also use Nutella if desired.  If can not eat peanut butter, you could even leave it off. 

Spread on your favorite jelly.  I used cherry preserves.  The jelly can be a little messy if it drips, so if you are worried about that, you could leave it off. 

Lay a banana along to top edge of the torilla and wrap tightly.    

This is what the burrito looks like in the middle.  When wrapping for a lunch box, I suggest wrapping in a layer of plastic wrap first and then wrap in foil.  The plastic wrap helps the burrito keep its shape, and the foil keeps your lunch box safe from any jelly drippings. 

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