Saturday, August 6, 2011

Teen Party Ideas- 80s Flashback

This week someone from my hometown started a Facebook memory page.  There is something about remembering the past, because  we have already had 1200 members join in just a few days.  (we were a town of only about 10,000, so that many members is HUGE)   I have reunited with a lot of my old friends from a certain decade, which has brought back a lot of fun memories.   The 80s still has some of the best music, and pop culture.     

An 80s flashback party could be a fun theme for teens.  Many teens have parents who were teens themselves during that time.  I am sure if my daughter looked hard enough in my closet, she would find some actual 80s items.   LOL!   Who can forget the huge hair, and bright neon colors.      We had Michael Jacksons Thriller, Valley Girl, Miami Vice, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and hair bands as fashion icons.    I found a great list of 80s costume ideas on  

It would be easy to decorate with bright colored table coverings cassette tapes,  movies posters of some of the best movies ever, rubiks cubes, smurfs, care bears, 80s bands, albums, MTV, Boomboxes etc..

Rent and show some of the 80s movies,  Ferris Bueller, 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters

The 80s had some of the best candy and junk food.   Make some of your favorite and named them after an 80s icon or vocabulary..  How about Gnarly Guacamole or Pacman Pizza (with mouth part cut out)

Play an 80s Trivia game or have contest to see who is the best breakdancer,  lip syncer or air guitar player.   Have the kids guess what some of the 80s slang words mean.

I have been able to find some great links to 80s theme cakes and treats  that would be perfect for a flashback party. 

This Rubiks Cube cake can be found at
These Pacman cookies are from    You could also easily make a Pacman cake by making a round cake and cut out the mouth.  Cover with yellow frosting or fondant.  Frost a few yellow cupcakes and place them in front of Pacman.

How about a Boom Box cake from Family Fun

Or an old school boombox from .   This really brings back the memories of when our music players were bigger than our hair.  
Whatever you decide to do, the 80s were Totally Tubular!

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