Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best Deals at Meijer

Well I made it to the grocery store.  Yea!  This is NOT all that I bought, but the BEST deals I found today. 

Overall I did pretty good. I spent a total $86.13  I used $21.50 in manufacturer coupons and $9.16 in Meijer Meal Box coupons and special promos.   I also saved $40.77 in sales for a total savings of $71.43.

Now for the best deals in the picture.  

Non Coupon Items
Broccoli, Cauliflower and Dole Salad on sale for $1.25
Corn on the Cob on sale .20 an ear
Meijer pop on sale 5 for $4 or .80 ea
Hostess Cupcakes Buy 1 Get 1 free $4.29 for 2 or $2.15 each
Archway Cookies Buy 1 Get 1 free $2.87 for 2 or $ $1.44 each
Rosa Pizza on sale 50% off.  Reg $2.99, on sale $1.49
Raspberries on sale $1

Coupon Items
DiGornio 200 calorie pizzas on sale $2.50, used $1 coupon, final price $1.50
2 Eggo Waffles on sale $1.67, used $1 off 2 coupon, final price $1.17
2 Mt. Olives pickes on sale $1.67, used .50 coupons that doubled, final price .67
2 Hidden Vally Ranch Farmhouse dressing on sale $2.50.   I used two $1 coupons and $1 off 2 Meijer Mealbox coupon, final price $1 each.  I LOVE the Savory Blue Cheese!
2 Mrs. Dash on sale $2.00, I used two $1 off coupon and $1 off 2 Meijer Mealbox coupon, final price .50 each.
KCMasterpiece BBQ sauce on sale $1.50.  I used .50 coupon that doubled, final price .50
Land O Lakes Cinnamon butter (it was sold out last week) on sale $1.50.  I used .75 coupon, final price .75
Sara Lee Cheesecake on sale 50% off at $2.14.  I had a $1 off coupon, final price $1.14
Sara Lee Coffee Cake on sale 50% off at $2.49.  I had a $1 coupon, final price $1.49
Johnsonville Chicken Sausage on sale $2.50.  I used $1 coupon, final price $1.50

Items that were great deals but sold out 

Febreeze Noticeble Warmers on sale $2.50.  P & G has $3 coupons which would have made them FREE
Purell hand sanitizer (perfect for back to school) on sale $2.29, there is a $1 coupon available which have made it $1.29
Daisy Cottage Cheese 16 oz on sale $1.79.  There is a .45 coupon that will double, final price .89

I am so missing my VGS double dollar coupons.  The VGS in the neighboring town still doubles to $1, but the last few weeks that sales have not been worth the drive.   


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