Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Borders Going Out Of Business Sale

I went back to our local Borders yesterday.  Everything in the store is now 30-50% off.   There is still a lot of selection but certain areas were really starting to get picked over. Of course my two favorite sections of the store were crafting and cooking.   There was also an added bonus, if you bought 6 books you got an extra 10% and if you bought 8 an extra 15%.  While I had no intentions of buying 8,  it just ended up that way. 

These are the goodies I found.. 

Sandra Lee Semi Homemade   list price $19.99,  red tagged to $4.99.  Red tag items were an extra 30% which brought it to $3.49, then with the extra 15%, final price only $2.97

Finger Food , there was no list price but I found it on Amazon for $8.99.  Red tagged to $2.99, with the extra 30% it was brought to $2.09, and then the extra 15%, final price only $1.78

Junk Foodie ( a fun cookbook using junk food YUM!!)  List price $12.95. It was 30% off which made it $9.06.  With the extra 15%, final price $7.70.    I will be trying and sharing some of these recipes!!

The most expensive books were Toss, Keep, Sell and  The Cuter Book..  THe Cuter Book has some very cute felt animal patterns.  My daughter LOVES to sews and wants to make several of these.  Both of these books have a list price of $14.95 and were 30%, which made them $10.46. With the extra 15%, final price was $8.89.

Kids in the Holiday Kitchen is another fun book with great recipes and crafts for Christmas.  List Price is $16.95, but it was blue tagged to $5.99.  Blue tags were 40% off, which brought it to $3.59. With the extra 15% off, final price was only $3.05

I also bought two childrens books for my cat loving 5 th grader.. 

Violet in Bloom is a book about 4 friends going off to 5th grade and all that happens to them.   List price was $6.95,  the 30% off price was $4.86. With the extra 15% off, final price was $4.13. 

Kittens in the Kitchen list price $4.99.  The 30% off price was $3.49, and the additional 15% price was only $2.97.   If I bought this from Scholastic, it would be at least $4 or $5.  

Full price these books would have cost me $100.72 (before tax),  with the tag discount, going out of business sale and the extra discount, I paid only $42.80 (with tax) for all 8 books.  A 60% savings.   Hopefully I will be sharing some the new recipes and crafts soon!

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