Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Grocery Savings This Week

I heard some really sad grocery store news today. One of the stores that I frequent has totally revamped their coupon policy effective today. No longer will I be able to double to $1 at my local VGs.  They are now only doubling only to .50 and only no more than 1 identical coupons.  We used to be able to use 3 identical coupons per day.  Because their prices are higher than Meijer and Kroger, without the $1 doubling,  I doubt that I will shop there much anymore.   The VGs and Kroger in the neighboring town are still doubling to $1, so on weeks when the sales are really  worth it, I think I might be making the 15 mile drive.    

I only went to one store today.     Meijer had a pretty good sale, and I was able to get all of my groceries for only $74.33 this week.       The best deals I found were as follows:

Milk $2.50

Dr. Pepper 2 liters $1

Family Size bag of chips was $3.79, on sale $2.50

Tonys Single Serving  pizza on sale $1

Tysons Anytizers were $7.68, on sale $5.99, used $1 coupon, final price $4.99

Salad on sale $1.25

Instead of buying the Oscar Meyer hot dogs on sale for $3, I bought the turkey franks for $1.98.  I used the $ 1 off 2 coupon that expired today, for a final price of $1.49

We were there when the rotisserie chicken and warm food  was marked down and since we had not dinner yet, we bought one for only $3.99 and cheese sticks 40% off for .74

2 Barilla Piccollini on sale .99,  I used two .55 coupons, final price .44 each

I also hit the school supplies area in addition to buying groceries.  There were some great deals this week. 

Notebooks are still .20 each
Compostition books are still .40 each
Crayola colored pencils were $1.88, on sale for $1
Crayola Markers were $2.79 on sale for .97
3 Pencil Sharpeners were .99 each, on sale for .25 each
2 Book Covers were .80 each, on sale .50 each
Pencil Grips .99

We were also looking at the lunch boxes.  She almost got a really cute butterfly lunch box that was $4.99.  But then she saw "the one."

Of course it was $4 more than the other bag, but she loved it so much I agreed.  Inside the lunch box was a pack of fabric paint and several patchs to personalize your bag.  It also included several COUPONS, so I should be earning back some of the $8.99 price.  

I used $10.75 in coupons, saved $35.78 in sales prices for a total of $46.53 in savings.    School supplies (including the lunch box) were $17.49, and the groceries $74.33.  A pretty good grocery day, though I am disappointed that nothing was free or close to free.. Maybe next week!

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