Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sweet and Sassy Spa Experience

Kara was invited to a spa party at the Sweet and Sassy Salon for a good friends birthday today.   The girls were given a  spa experience that included a chocolate facial, having their hair and make up done, and mani-pedis.  No fair, I have never had a real pedicure at a salon,  and she had her first at age 10. LOL 

One of her take home treats was this delicous smelling chocolate sugar scrub.  I would love to figure out how they made it.  Those are REAL sprinkles in there!  

When Kara offered to rub me feet tonight with the scrub, how could I say no..  It not only smelled great, it felt great too!

Because of Kara's spa experience, and my wonderful foot rub,  I will be posting some spa party themed treats I found on the blogs.    

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